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Vishal Kshatriya and Meghana V Malkan's diwali bets  

Special Show  23 October | 08:16 PM

Dipan Mehta bullish on NBFC sector  

Special Show  23 October | 07:57 PM

Bull phase intact; correction lurking: Jhunjhunwala  

Special Show  23 October | 06:08 PM

Watch: Real, royal and Rajasthani Diwali  

Special Show  23 October | 02:53 PM

Overdrive: Compare your best automotive purchase for Diwali  

Overdrive  23 October | 02:38 PM

Daily Dump: Making wealth with waste!  

Young Turks  23 October | 02:02 PM

GreenCHILL: Affordable cooling system for dairy farms  

Young Turks  23 October | 01:54 PM

BreatheEasy: Technology to produce fresh air  

Young Turks  23 October | 01:52 PM

Storyboard: India's first online Diwali  

Story Board  23 October | 01:51 PM

Diwali reignites consumer durables space  

India Business Hour  22 October | 10:06 PM

Deal pipeline looks steady with marginal progress: Wipro  

India Business Hour  22 October | 09:36 PM

Income tax dept cadre rejig leaves 300+ top slots vacant  

Reporter's Diary  22 October | 08:41 PM

Is Diwali proving to be auspicious for automotives?  

What's Hot  22 October | 08:41 PM

'India to be big contributor to global growth in 2015'  

The Appointment  22 October | 08:21 PM

Consumer is king this festive season  

Reporter's Diary  22 October | 07:52 PM

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India Inc. Gen Next:

Saturday & Sunday: 9:30pm

Wednesday: 7:30pm

CNBC-TV18'S brand new series -- 'India Inc. - Generation Next'. On this series meet the new breed of corporate leaders carrying forward a family legacy and spearheading some of India's most trusted and powerful businesses. Hosted by Shereen Bhan, the show focuses on young business leaders such as Ratul Puri, Roshni Nadar, Sanjay Reddy, Ashni Biyani and many more. They discuss their visions and the burden of carrying forward the legacy of their legendary names. Also get an insight into the changes in their approach to business of two generations with the growing impact of India and the issues it faces in the global economic order.

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Heart Of The Matter:

WeekdaysSaturday: 10pm

Sunday: 10:30pm

Tuesday: 5:30pm.

A show that brings to the viewer the most compelling issue of the week that incorporates guests who have made the news such as humorists and citizen journalists. Anuradha SenGupta will present ideas, perspectives and dwell on questions that have been overlooked by newsmakers and the media. The show will look at precedents and predict where the story is headed based on the knowledge gathered from people directly involved in the issue being discussed.

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Riders in the Storm - Season 2:

Wednesday 7:30pm

Saturday 11:00pm

Sunday 7:30pm

The global slowdown has tested the mettle of economies around the world, and even the most sought after companies have felt the crunch. Amidst all this, What steps are Indian firms adopting to battle the downturn and stay ahead of the curve. Riders in the Storm, anchored by Menaka Doshi, brings you India's smartest firms and the lessons that can be learnt from their survival stories.

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Bull's Eye:

Weekdays 11:00am.

5 trading days, 4 stocks, 3 experts, minimum 2 trades per day, 1 champion. CNBC-TV18 brings you Bull's Eye, a stock portfolio game with a unique format. Top market experts will build and ultimate portfolio with 4 lakhs virtual cash each trading week. As they battle it out for glory, you can pick your favourite expert and win great prizes too. Find out which expert is worth his weight in stocks.

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Tycoons with Vir Sanghvi:

Saturday 8:30pm

Sunday 8:00pm

Thursday 7:30pm

They have adorned magazine covers, they have moved markets but do we really know them? Here's an exclusive opportunity to meet the person behind the empire, with India's best known interviewer, Vir Sanghvi. Watch him cut through all the statistics and the hype & bring you the real persona behind the business legend in CNBC-TV18's Tycoons with Vir Sanghvi.

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RD 360:

Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday 9:00am

Friday 7:30pm

From Black Monday to Mortgage Meltdown, the financial health of the world is gripped by the hysterics of market cycles. Tremors from Wall Street were felt across the globe. Will the recovery be short for India as it rises above the economic crisis? As both hardened and aspiring investors try to make sense of the markets, CNBC-TV18 provides a platform where stalwarts of financial and economic kingdom meet with Ramesh Damani, in conversation with India's Market Moguls and Financial Wizards. RD360 will be an array of 'thought leaders' that will enable viewers to understand the financial and market shifts with their unique and visionary inputs. A series which will provide a wider outlook to the Indian economy and its future.

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Dialogues with Deepak Chopra:

Saturday 7:30pm

Sunday 9:30 pm

CNBC-TV18 presents "Dialogues with Deepak Chopra", a special two part, weekly series with the multi-faceted and world-renowned author, Deepak Chopra. He shares his knowledge with Narayana Murthy and Shereen Bhan on physical and emotional wellness and how to apply these principles in business.




(October 22, 2014)

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